It was a full house for the July 25th American Red Brangus Association (ARBA) board meeting in College Station. Directors discussed current business and listened to suggestions and concerns from the members present. After the meeting the directors, members and their families enjoyed a lively lunch provided by ARBA at Salt Grass Steak House. Happy Birthday was sung to a surprised Grace Gingles, wife of ARBA President Dr. Gingles. It was a wonderful time for members and their families to socialize and share their love for the Red Brangus cattle.

A tour of the Genetic Development Center in Navasota, Texas, followed lunch. Directors, members and their families were given a tour of the facilities by General Manager Ryan Doerner. If you would like to learn more about the Genetic Development Center and the services they offer, visit their website

The American Red Brangus Association looks forward to hosting more Field Days in the future.

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