In response to the survey, the planning committee has committed some resources to develop some new ads for the Association. In an effort to move the Association, the breed and the members forward together, the Association is making these ads available to each of the members. We are encouraging the membership to use these ads which are ready for print in your advertising campaign. The goal is to have the Association and its members use the same message when promoting the ARBA and the cattle which represent the ARBA.

Currently there is a full page ad which features a Red Brangus bull, commercial cows, and progeny. We will have several additional ads in the near future that will focus on other superior attributes of Red Brangus cattle. In addition to the full page ad there is a quarter page and half page ad which is available. These ads are also available in half page and quarter page sizes, depending on the breeders needs. The smaller ads will use the ARBA logo in lieu of the pictures. These ads can be run in color, black and white or black and white with red enhancements. These ads can have text changes only to include your contact information and a short slogan of your offering. You can see the sample ad included with this letter. Note the circled text. The main content of the ads cannot be changed, only the contact information.

These ads will be available for each member to lease the rights to these ads. For $50.00 you can have the ad modified to include your contact information and sent directly to the publication of your choice. This $50.00 will obtain you the right to use the ad you select as many times as you wish as long as you do not modify the ad after the first use. If you want to change any information on the ad after the first use you will be charged $50.00 for each time you make modifications or select a different ads. These ads maybe viewed on the association website. If you would like to participate in this advertising opportunity the Dripping Springs office can assist you in your order. Email us through the contact us section on this site or call 512/858-7285.

You can see each of these ads on the website and then contact the office. The office will take your order and they will submit your ad to the publication of your choice based on your directions.

Quarter page ad sample:


Half page ad sample:


Full page ad sample:

You will need to provide the following information when you order your ad:

  1. The exact wording of your contact information.
  2. If you use your logo, you will need to provide an enhanced copy of the logo.
  3. Contact information and submittal date for the publication you wish to have your ad published.

The planning committee is working on developing additional ads for the members and the Association to use in the future.

We strongly encourage each member to use these ads in promoting your ARBA cattle. It is important that we as an Association put out a common theme and focus on the great benefits ARBA cattle on the beef industry.

If we all use the same theme we will be able to create an identity for our cattle and the Association. This will in turn create growth in the Association.