Presidents Message

Greetings Red Brangus Breeders,

Today is the 46th anniversary of Hurricane Camille. It is storming here but we needed the rain. Thank you again for allowing me to serve these two years as your president. It has been a good two years in that we are able to sell all the cattle we can raise. Cattle prices are high and we are blessed with good genetics bred
into our cattle by our founders.

I would also like to thank Michele for her work in the office. I do not think we could ever find anyone else as dependable and thorough as she is. She works with very little supervision and is always ahead of problems.

Elaine Monaghan, our treasurer, is amazing. I happen to believe that “Nothing is right if the money is not right.” Thank you, Elaine.

Our secretary, Shawn Knox, has done an excellent job especially in making the local arrangements for our recent successful Field Day. Thank you, Shawn.

Our executive director, Jim Monaghan, represents us well whenever and wherever we send him. Some people have questioned Jim’s effectiveness, but I would like to
emphasize that he does whatever we ask of him wherever we direct him to represent us. His location is perfect in that he is able to travel to Houston, San Antonio, Austin and College Station quickly and economically. I hope next year’s board will consider using Jim more extensively and effectively. Thanks, Jim.

We have several new members that I would like to welcome to our association. We are important to each other and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Our annual meeting will be in Kerrville, Nov. 13-14. I hope you take the opportunity to come and meet the board members and visit with other ARBA breeders.
See you at the annual meeting,

Richard B. Gingles, DVM

P.S. Do not forget to send in your whole herd if you have not done so.